Measures in the restaurant

• We have extended cleaning routines for the premises and our personnel areas. Each table and the grip surface of the chair back is thoroughly wiped and disinfected after each guest. Door handles, switches, cash register and card terminal are disinfected daily. Signs with information and calls to action are put up to support both guests and ourselves. However, we cannot stress enough that for both our guests and for ourselves, 20 seconds of hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of infection! We provide hand disinfection at selected locations in the restaurant.

• Visitors may only eat and drink while seated at a table or pick up the food as take away/wait outside and have the food delivered outdoors. Serving standing guests at the bar is not allowed.

• Normally the staff carries out and serve the orders. Guests can order and pick up their food and drinks themselves, provided no congestion or queues occur. Take away food is handed over as usual, provided that no congestion or queues occur. To further facilitate our guests, this year it is possible for you to order and pay for food and drinks via your own phone in our application Weiq. In the application you choose if you want to be served at the table, pick up your food in the restaurant or have the food delivered to you outdoors/to your car.

• We ensure that there are no congestion or long queues in the business premises or in connection with these premises. Visitors should be able to keep distance between each other.

• To the extent possible, we have increased the distances between the tables. Guests should be able to keep distance between each other. Indoors we have solved it by removing the chairs at approx. every two tables so that empty tables remain to form a buffer zone for the next table. Outdoors we have removed tables completely to increase the space, we have used the removed tables to create a whole new independent outdoor dining area.

• We stay updated on the website of the Public Health Authority to continuously receive information on new rules and guidelines for our business operations.