Skutskepparn Kuststation 


Measures for the B&B

• We have extended cleaning routines for rooms and common areas. Beds are cleaned thoroughly after each guest. Door handles, switches and common contact surfaces are disinfected after each guest. Keys and keychains are also disinfected before being hung in place at the reception. Signs with information and calls to action are provided for support. However, we cannot stress enough that for both our guests and for ourselves, 20 seconds of hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of infection! We provide hand disinfection at selected locations in the accommodation section.

• Showers and toilets are thoroughly cleaned every day. Door handles, switches, taps, washbasins, toilet chairs, shower mixers and common contact surfaces are disinfected daily. In addition, we provide disinfectants so that the guest can wipe surfaces off before/after his/her visit.

• The breakfast is no longer served as a buffet, now you order your breakfast and get it served at the table in the restaurant. You can easily order in our Weiq app where you specify what you want and what time you want to be served (between 8.00-10.00). You can also place your order with the staff in the restaurant.

• In the corridor of the accommodation section, it is your own responsibility as a guest to keep the distance to other guests.

• We stay updated on the website of the Public Health Authority to continuously receive information on new rules and guidelines for our business operations.